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The Voice of the Martyrs offers an assortment of video reports and audio presentations that share stories of persecuted Christians around the world via our multimedia website www.persecution.tv.

You can find:

  • Feature videos from restricted nations around the world.
  • 12 monthly audio productions of Jesus Freaks, one-minute testimonies of men and women who, throughout history, have demonstrated an uncompromising faith in Christ.
  • The Overcomers, eight monthly video and audio productions that explores recent stories of persecution in one-minute bites.
  • DVD trailers that show clips from films such as Malatya, Egyptian Voices, Underground Reality: Vietnam, Pakistani Voices and other videos offered by VOM.

Visit www.persecution.tv to watch and listen to these features as well as share URLs with your friends or embed them into your own website.

A number of these resources are used by others on television and radio. CLICK HERE to see if they are broadcast in your area.

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