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All text, videos and photos on this website and in our monthly newsletter are the property of The Voice of the Martyrs, Canada, unless otherwise noted. Photographs, videos and text may be downloaded and/or used without permission from The Voice of the Martyrs for personal use (e.g. sharing with friends, Bible study groups, or Sunday School classes). Requests for photos, videos and text to be used for publication and/or mass distribution in print or electronically must be submitted in writing to the VOMC Communications Office.

If you plan to include items in a publication (or other service whether printed or electronically), please submit your reprint permission request via e-mail. Please include each of the following:

  • Your name and title within the organization
  • Name of your organization
  • Name of your publication (or planned service)
  • Brief description of how you plan to use the materials in your publication or services.
  • Names of the article(s), video, and/or picture you plan to reprint or the web address(es) or page in our newsletter of the article(s) that you hope to use.
  • We also require that we receive a copy of the material in which the article and/or picture is included or notification of the website address, if used online.

The Voice of the Martyrs cannot grant permission for photos and text that belong to a third party.

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